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Activities and Interesting Places in Songea

In the mountains one will have a nice view of Songea town while enjoying  exotic plants in the forest.  The mountain is also the source of the 900 km long mighty Ruvuma River.

The towering Matogoro Rock is near Mahilu Village in Songea Township

Ruhila Game Sanctuary

For animal lovers, antelopes, zebra and snakes may be viewed in their natural environment.

Majimaji Museum

Artifacts and tools used by ancient and modern indigenous people are preserved in the museum Plus the famous German-Ngoni  1905-1907 Majimaji War history

Peramiho Historic Centre

This is  a  small town more than a hundred years old.  A church of that age stands tall in that town. The town is located 22 km from Songea town.

Lake Nyasa

The  lake is located about 160 km from Songea town. The lake has uniquely attractive shores and rare species of species. En route to the lake  one can enjoy the famous matengo “ngoro  cultivation”  on the mountain ranges. Mbuji Rock on the top of mountain ranges may also be seen.

Matogoro Mountains